Gaming Computers Lake Orion Michigan

Gaming Computers in Lake Orion Michigan

Shop gaming computers in Lake Orion Michigan. Empower Gaming Computers offers custom built PCs for Esports enthusiasts, content creators, and serious gamers. Our custom gaming computers are some of the best built Esport computers on the market today. When you buy a custom gaming rig from Empower Gaming in Lake Orion, MI you know you're getting the best! Empower offers the best experience, best rigs, awesome live stream builds and more.

Esports Managed Services - Consultation - Esports Arena

In addition to building custom gaming rigs, we offer other services too.

Are you looking for Esports consultation? Are you looking for solutions to help with an Esports arena? Do you have an Esports team and need assistance with keeping up with the latest unified technologies for Esports? Call today for information.

Empower Gaming Computers

EMPOWER Gaming Computers in Lake Orion

Every system is handcrafted by experienced architect artists who understand all the latest hardware and put their heart and soul into each and every build as if it was their own system. Empower Gaming Computers in Lake Orion has the highest standards, so each system is built to perfection and every customer’s vision becomes a reality.

Gaming Computers Lake Orion Michigan

Empower Gaming Computers

Custom Gaming PC Builder in Lake Orion Michigan

Everything Can Be Customized and Achieved

What Can Empower Gaming Computers Do?

Custom Features

  • Case (Handcrafted Cases)
  • Case Painting
  • Part Painting (GPU Backplates, Motherboard Plates, Water Cooling Components)
  • Liquid/Water Cooling Loops (GPU, CPU, Reservoir, Pump, Hard or Soft Lines, Fittings)
  • Liquid (Custom Water Colors)
  • RGB Lighting Effects
  • Full Desk RGB Synchronization (Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, RGB Strips for the desk, Backlights)
  • Complete Full Custom Desk Setups (Monitor, Mouse Keyboard, Mouse Pad Computer), everything you need for a desk.
  • Handcrafted Custom Gaming PC, Custom Gaming Computer with PC Builder, here at Empower Gaming Computers.
Empower Gaming Computers

We Give Gamers What They Need

Awesome Custom Built Gaming PCs in Lake Orion

Trust us to assemble and configure customized gaming computers that are highly optimized for playing the latest eSport titles. We will integrate any part, accessory, design, or specification you want on your PC. As our builds are both stylish and extremely functional, they are guaranteed to always give you the best gaming experience.

High-Performance Gaming Rigs - Guaranteed

Get a Battle-Tested Gaming PC built by a master PC builder in Lake Orion Michigan. At Empower Gaming Computers in Lake Orion, Michigan, we will assemble your rig to perfection. All of our custom-built gaming PC's are stress tested, benchmarked and certified to ensure that they meet or even exceed your expectations. Call today for a free consultation.

Esports PC Company in Michigan

Hardware As A Service

Hardware As A Service

Empower Gaming - Hardware as a service is here for the Esports teams to make sure they are getting the latest and greatest hardware to compete with each year.

Esports Arena SetupEsports Arena Set Up Company in Michigan

Assistance with planning, setting up, and handling the logistics of creating your permanent or temporary Esports arena.

Esports Managed Services

Esports Consultants in Michigan

Outsourcing services to the professionals to help keep everything in check including services such as:

  • Monthly Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Same Day Hardware Repairs or Replacement
  • Strategic Planning Road Map for Growth
  • Streaming Services (Stream Live Events to Your Viewers)
  • Software and Hardware Management

Get The Best Custom Gaming Computers in Lake Orion Michigan!