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Empower Gaming Computers

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Every system is handcrafted by experienced architect artists who understand all of the latest hardware and put their heart and soul into each and every build as if it was their own system. Empower Gaming Computers has the highest standards so each system is built to perfection and every customer’s vision becomes a reality

Empower Gaming Computers
Empower Gaming Computers

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Empower Gaming Computers

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The Complete Custom Built Gaming PC

Complete Custom Option
Get a complete custom built gaming computer by Empower Gaming Computers to match your gaming style! Custom Selected parts specific to your style, budget and desired performance.

Empower Gaming Computers

What Can Empower Do?

Anything Can Be Customized 

  • Custom Case (Handcrafted Cases)
  • Custom Case Painting
  • Custom Part Painting (GPU Backplates, Motherboard Plates, Water Cooling Components)
  • Custom Liquid/Water Cooling Loops (GPU, CPU, Reservoir, Pump, Hard or Soft Lines, Fittings)
  • Custom Liquid (Custom Water Colors)
  • Custom RGB Lighting Effects
  • Custom Full Desk RGB Synchronization (Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, RGB Strips for the desk, Backlights)
  • Complete Full Custom Desk Setups (Monitor, Mouse Keyboard, Mouse Pad Computer), everything you need for a desk.
  • Handcrafted Custom Gaming PC, Custom Gaming Computer with PC Builder, here at Empower Gaming Computers.

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Livestream of Builds and Gaming

Watch us as we build custom gaming computers, play games, and more! Follow us to watch our regular live streams. Drop in and chat with us directly!

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Empower Gaming Computers Live Stream Build

Join our community as we do Live Custom Build Streams on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. Ask us to Live Stream your Build today!

High FPS Gaming

Experience the benefits of 144+ FPS Gaming