Offering a Selection of Comprehensive Gaming PC Solutions

Need gaming PC upgrades, or other services on your current gaming PC and want professional service? Maybe you are looking for Esports consultation advice or even an Esports managed service for your Esports team?

Get it done right the first time, get it done by your local Esports pros!

Empower Gaming Computers

Gaming PC Repair Service

Already have a Gaming PC and need help with resolving a problem? We are pro's at getting them backup and performing where they should be! 

Get your gaming PC fixed the right way the first time by your local techs! We are experianced with Gaming PC's hardware and garuntee our services! 

Trouble Shooting: $50 

  • Discover the initial issue and provide a plan of action for solution

Service: $100 Flat Fee 

  • Resolve the initial problem 
  • Complete perfromance review
  • Install latest Drivers and Firmware 
  • Excludes any required hardware for repairs which will be estimated when we provide the results

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

Empower Gaming Computers

Gaming PC Upgrades

Maybe you already have a PC and need help with upgrading your current PC's performance.

Get your gaming PC upgrades done right by your local Esports pros! Feel confident your upgrade investment will have results. Contact us to get an estimate for upgrades on your current gaming PC.

Upgrades: $50

  • Hardware upgrade Installation

Upgrades with Windows Reinstall: $50

  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Windows Reinstall
  • Driver and Software Installation for Hardware

Case Swap Service: $100

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

  • SSD Upgrade
  • CPU Upgrade
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Video Card Upgrade
  • Power Supply Upgrade
  • Cooling Upgrade (Case Fans, Water Cooling)
Empower Gaming Computers
Empower Gaming Computers

Need a clean?

Professional Detailing & Gaming PC Upgrades

It’s recommended to keep your gaming PC clean to get the most performance. Thermals are more important than you think, a dirty PC can lose 15% or more of its performance due to thermal throttling. Get the most out of your gaming PC and feel proud to show off a professionally detailed gaming PC! During the cleaning, you may also want gaming PC upgrades. Let's discuss options!

Contact us to schedule an appointment today! 

Simple Clean: $50 

  • Blow out the dust 
  • Estimated 15-30 minute process
  • Bring it to the Empower Gaming location or have us come onsite

Full Detail: $200

  • Blow out the Dust
  • Complete wipe down of every single part - The PC will be taken completely apart and put back together again. 
  • Professional Cable Management 
  • Thermal Paste Replacement on both the GPU and CPU using Thermal Grizzly
  • Make your PC look new again
  • Estimated 4 hour process - Generally completed same day.
  • Drop off at our Empower Gaming location and Pickup when completed

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

Empower Gaming Computers

Need support?

Remote Support

Need support but can’t have us come out on-site or get to us? We have a solution for that! Get professional gaming PC support remotely. Remember to ask us about our Gaming PC Upgrades and value added services.

Standard Remote Service Session: $100 

Game Support: $75

  • Help with solving issues or errors with Games such as the Call of Duty Warzone Dev Errors. 
  • Payment refunded if we cannot solve the issue. 

Contact us today to schedule your Remote Support Session

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

Empower Gaming Computers
Empower Gaming Computers

Do you want to learn how to build your PC like a Pro?

One on One Build Session

You want to build a Gaming PC but you are not sure how? Learn from the pro's and have us guide you step by step from start to finish. 

We have everything you will need here for your Gaming PC Build. Also, learn how to make Gaming PC Upgrades yourself.

Standard Gaming PC Build Session: $150

  • This does not Include the Hardware needed for the build. Contact us if you would like us to help select the hardware and provide an estimate. 
  • We will assist you with picking out the hardware or you can bring your own hardware for the build. 
  • All of the tools will be provided here
  • The Gaming PC build step by step with a Pro.
  • Step by Step guide for the Windows and software installation
  • Step by Step Guide for the Hardware Configuration including, Ram XMP, Fan Curves and more. 
  • The session is generally about 4 hours 

Contact us to schedule your appointment today! 

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

Empower Gaming Computers

Have the parts already? need someone to assemble it?

Build it for you!

Bring your hardware to us and we will build you your Gaming PC.

If you have your hardware already picked out or in hand and you are looking for a pro to build it, we can build it right!

Standard Gaming PC Build: $100

  • Standard Micro ATX - ATX Mid Tower Build.
  • Professional Cable Management.
  • Generally completed Same or Next day.
  • Battle Tested! 
  • Warranty is only provided for the labor
  • Hardware is not covered under warranty.

Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

Empower Gaming Computers

Custom Open Loop Service

Open Loop Service: $200

  • Drain loop
  • Flush as many times as needed
  • Will not remove any major buildup
  • Refill and verify temps and flow
  • Does not include cost of new liquids
  • Estimated 1-2 Days of service

Open Loop Full Clean: $400

  •  Includes everything from the Open Loop Service
  • Complete tear down of blcoks to clean fins and blocks
  • Seals may need to be replaced, hardware replacement is not included.
  • estimated 2-3 days Service

New Custom Open Loop PC Build: $850

  • Professional Hardline bends and cuts
  • Flushing new plumging
  • Custom Water LoopsPressure Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Flow verification
  • Coolant Treatment
  • Custom Modifications
  • Includes the Complete build of the PC, including a Full Custom Water Loop
  • Professional Cable Management
  • Battle Tested! 
  • Estimated 8-10 Days Service

Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Call or Text: 248-617-1050   Email:

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Empower Gaming Computers

Esports Managed Services - Consultation - Esports Arena

Are you looking for Esports consultation? Are you looking for solutions to help with an Esports arena? Do you have an Esports team and need assistance with keeping up with the latest unified technologies for Esports?

We offer services such as Esports managed services which is a customized contract to fit your needs and Esports team size. We also offer services such as Esports equipment leasing or hardware as a service to ensure your team is running the latest and the greatest hardware.

Esports is newer to most of the world, we get that! There's isn't a lot of knowledge available to help grow a professional Esports team and that's where we want to help! Need help setting up a temporary arena? We offer services where our team comes in and turns your gym into an awesome Esports arena for the big day!

We would love the opportunity to empower the team! Contact our team and find out how we can empower you and your team!

Empower Gaming Computers

Hardware as a Service

Empower Gaming - Hardware as a service is here for the Esports teams to make sure they are getting the latest and greatest hardware to compete with each year.

Empower Gaming Computers

Arena Setup

Assistance with planning, setting up, and handling the logistics of creating your permanent or temporary Esports arena.

Empower Gaming Computers

Esports Full Managed Services

Outsourcing services to the professionals to help keep everything in check including services such as:

  • Monthly Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support
  • Same Day Hardware Repairs or Replacement
  • Strategic Planning Road Map for Growth
  • Streaming Services (Stream Live Events to Your Viewers)
  • Software and Hardware Management