The Crusader Series

The Crusader computer system unit


The Crusader was designed to bring a balanced experience for any PC Gamer looking to get a full PC Gaming experience without breaking the bank. Generally this is a go to system when upgrading from a console.


The Crusader has RGB color changing lights built into each of the case fans which can be changed/controlled by the push of a button on the top of the computer. This makes is easy to customize your computer to match your style.

Case Color Options:

The Crusader is available in Black, White and Pink exterior case colors.


The Crusader will deliver 100+ FPS on any new title leaving any console in the past where it belongs. You could consider this Console Killer a true experienced fighter and loves watching as the console system get sent to the closet as its final resting place.

The upgrade path for the Crusader will keep you in the game for years to come with its many different options. This will make your investment last even longer with its simple upgrade options when you need to up your game later down the road.

Maybe its time to put that console in the closet? Maybe you are ready to experience gaming the right way? Save your eyes from the choppy 30-60FPS and treat them to 100+ FPS today.

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