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Get a Battle-Tested Gaming PC built by a master PC builder. At Empower Gaming Computers in Lake Orion, Michigan, we will assemble your rig to perfection. All of our custom-built gaming PC's are stress tested, benchmarked and certified to ensure that they meet or even exceed your expectations.

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What Does “Battle-Tested” Mean?

All gaming PC's that we build undergo a series of extreme and intense tests. In each assessment, we examine if they are cooling and performing the way they should be based on their hardware configurations. During this 24‑hour “battle‑tested” phase, the computer systems are expected to pass all tests and gain a score of 100. If all standards are met, these gaming PC's will be issued a framed certificate of completion.

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What Sets Us Apart

As the leading Gaming PC integrator in Michigan, we spend the extra time to certify our testing phase to ensure each system that leaves our hands is absolutely perfect. In addition, our number one policy is to take the time to do it right the first time or don't do it at all. Apart from this policy, we also have the following to keep our process fresh for every single Gaming computer we build:

  • Every Gaming PC we build must pass a Stress Test - This will ensure the stability of the system.
  • Every Gaming PC we build must pass a Performance Test - This will confirm that the system meets its performance expectations based on the hardware build out.
  • Every Gaming PC we build must pass a Cooling Test - This ensures the system is cooling properly.
  • Proof of our work! We livestreaming custom builds just to show the extra care and efforts that goes into delivering your build.
  • We only use Trusted, Quality Brand Names that we have battle tested our selves.
  • We aim to deliver the best possible gaming experience with the quality and care put into each and every build.
  • We are always looking ahead, keeping an eye on innovative technology to ensure your build has the newest and greatest technology.

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