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A Professional Team You Can Count On

For more than 15 years, Empower Gaming Computers in Lake Orion, Michigan has been assembling custom gaming computers with the newest tech and striving to deliver a real gaming experience. As a highly experienced computer integrator, we can guarantee that the Gaming PC we deliver will be a quality product which will provide the best possible gaming experience .

Empower Gaming Computers
Empower Gaming Computers

How We Started

Empower Gaming Computers founder and owner Benjamin Astrino started customizing gaming computers for his friends and family back in 2007 at Detroit, Michigan. With his unparalleled work, he became a reputed PC builder through word of mouth. As he realized how more people are interested in having a fully customized option for gaming computers, he decided to launch his site in 2019.

Empower Gaming Computers

About Our Founder

Benjamin “Ben” Astrino is a full-time Microsoft (MS) contractor who is in charge of migrating small and medium-size companies from on-premise software to MS cloud services. With his interest and extensive experience in both the technology and gaming industries, he became committed to empowering gamers through his unique approach in providing a white-glove, custom computer build service with a goal to empower all gamers to game the way they want to game!

Empower Gaming Computers

Our Vision

Our company was founded with the aim to help gamers play the way they want to. To fulfill this goal, we always ensure to bring them the most suitable and high-performing computer builds at the right prices.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is 100 out of 100 every single build. 

We are always dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service. To do this, we will always accommodate all your specific requests in building your gaming rig. For your assurance, we also regularly livestream our process of building computers that serve as benchmarks for the other ones available in the market.

Not to toot our own horn, we are the best system integrator in the state of Michigan with a goal to be the best in the US. Check out our reviews which backs this. 

Empower Gaming Computers

Why Trust Us?

We recognize that most buyers come into the market without proper knowledge about computers or peripherals . They may either purchase a PC that they will not use, pay more than they should, or even buy one that underperforms despite being marketed for gaming purposes. To avoid these unfortunate experiences, we always bridge the gap and make sure that they only get high-quality and fair-priced hardware or components and also make it an enjoyable experience through the entire process. 

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